Self-Defense Courses

Self-defence courses



Shihan Jouko Koskinen (7. Dan KSI), Sensei Harri Björk (4. Dan KSI)

Our self-defence courses are for the following

› Companies who wish to organise something different and useful for their staff.
› Private groups for any occasion.
› Groups of teenagers or adults who are interested in learning to defend themselves.

Our location

We provide an ideal spacious location for the courses but can also do the courses at your work place or chosen location if it is suitable in size.

Self-defence course Details

AddressOur FacilitiesCourse InstructionAvailabilityRefreshmentsOn-Site

Finnoonlaaksontie 7, 02270, Espoo. 2nd floor.

200m2 teaching area with a tatami floor, separate ladies and men's dressing rooms each with own showers, free parking.

Can be done in English or Finnish or both.

We are able to do courses during the day, Monday to Friday or on weekends in the afternoon or evening.

If you wish to bring refreshments for your group that is possible. We have a fridge and social area should you wish to have a social time after the course.

If you have a facility big enough, we are happy to come to you to do the self-defence course.

Course Options

Option 1 - Corporate

Two-hour basic self-defence course with a short break. Courses can be arranged to suit your needs. The courses can also be longer and inclusive of more specific situations, you or your employees may be faced with. We have a suitable social area and saunas should you wish to make the event an even more enjoyable one.


Prices to be advised once details are provided.

Option 2 - Street Smart

This two-hour course is for small or large groups who wish to do an activity for a special occasion or simply because they want to learn to defend themselves should the need arise.

Cost per person
Price to be advised, depending on number of participants.


What you will learn at our courses

You will learn...

› Which body parts are vulnerable & easy to attack

› How to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs

› How to use body parts such as the elbows, heels, and knees as weapons to inflict pain on the attacker

› Learn awareness, avoidance and behavioral mannerisms that make a difference

These courses will teach techniques that can be used on the street if faced with a situation where you need to defend yourself or scare off an attacker. The achievable techniques will be practiced to give you the physical self-confidence to use them effectively when needed.

If you would like to arrange a course with us or if you have any questions regarding the courses please do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Darlene and Jouko Koskinen

"Your body is more capable than what you think, you just need someone to show you how to use it."