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Adults Karate Classes

KFK Adults Karate

Style of Karate - Kimura Shukokai International

Founder of style - Sensei Soke Kimura (10th dan)

Chief Instructor for Finland

Shihan Yjrö Pursianen 8th Dan is the chief instructor for Finland. Sensei George, as he is known internationally, is highly respected by other countries due to the success of the Finnish Shukokai karatekas in International tournaments.

K.F.K. Black Belt Instructors
Shihan Jouko Koskinen 7th Dan
Sensei Darlene Koskinen 4th Dan
Sensei Harri Björk 4th Dan
Sensei Katja Jauni 2nd Dan
Sensei Niko Tamminiemi 1st Dan

A little history about our style...

Master Shigeru Kimura (10th Dan) was the creator of the Shukokai Karate Style. Master Kimura passed away in 1995. He lived in New Jersey, USA, from where he travelled all around the world to instruct Shukokai Karate. Master Kimura instructed in Finland on a regular basis since 1978.

The greatest achievement of Master Kimura was his strong, imperceptible, maximum strength at minimum energy based technique. Master Kimura also developed the so-called "impact training" by using an impact pillow through which it is easy to test the impact of a punch or a kick. The technique of Master Kimura was so exceptionally strong and unnoticeable that is has inspired all his students to surpass themselves again and again. As a creator of Shukokai Karate, Master Kimura developed a technique which the future karate generations can continue with forever and in doing so, the spirit of Sensei Kimura will be kept alive.


Karate Teaching

Basics - Significant focus is on the learning of the basic technique and principles of our style without which the true Shukokai technique cannot be successfully executed.

Kumite - The art of kumite or fighting is taught. All  contact is controlled and attacks to the head are not permitted. We focus on generating power and speed and on delivering all techniques with accuracy and timing.

Kata - All students learn level appropriate kata's which contain fighting combinations, both attack and defense. All moves are executed with focus and precision and the spirit needed to successfully overcome an opponent. 

Integrated training - The use of targets, elastics, kettle bells and weighted balls are used to help teach strong technique and to condition the body. An optional body weight class is held every Saturday morning for adults students to improve their body strength and fitness.

Shihan Jouko Koskinen instructs most of the higher grade training sessions and is a many time world champion himself. His passion for teaching the Shukokai style developed by Sensei Kimura is very evident in his teaching methods, knowledge and in his own technique.

Adults Karate Details

ClassesCostLanguage InstructionFacilitiesPassportKarate GiProtection

Spring 2024 Season:
Classes start from Monday 15th January, 2024.
Last Classes / Gradings - Last week of May
Please see the timetable page for days and times of all club classes

Beginners / Basics Class: Please visit our Registration page to see all available classes.
Or email Sensei Darlene -

No Karate:
During the autumn or winter holiday weeks
Easter or main national holidays

1 hour / week - 265€ / season
2 hours / week - 425€ / Season
2,5 hours / week - 495€ / Season
3 hours / week - 555€ / season
3,5 hours / week - 603€ / season
4 hours / week - 656€ / season

Above tuition fees do not include seasonal / annual membership fee's
Each season is approximately 16 weeks long

Instruction in both English and Finnish

We have two dojo's, one 200m2 in size, the other 100m2. Both with a tatami floor. There are change rooms with showers and we have a waiting area for family members if needed.

All students who grade to a yellow belt (8th Kyu) are given a karate passport. Attendance at gashuku’s and tournaments and new grades achieved must be marked in the karate passport and signed by either Sensei Darlene or Sensei Jouko.

As each event approaches a registration link will be seen on this page, all students must register into the training gashuku's and tournaments in advance. All events and tournaments can also be found not he website.

All students are required to wear a karate gi. We do sell karate gi's, please make contact if you wish to purchase. Sizes 160 to 210 are available.

It is compulsory for all adult students to have their own training gloves. If competing in tournaments, your own leg protection and gum guard is required. Chest protection can be borrowed or you can purchase one from our karate shop.

Hours required for grading

9th to 8th Kyu White to yellow belt - 30 hours

8th to 7th Kyu Yellow to orange belt - 30 hours

7th to 6th Kyu Orange to green belt - 40 hours

6th to 5th Kyu Green to blue belt - 40 hours

5th to 4th Kyu Blue to purple - 50 hours

4th to 3rd Kyu Purple to brown - 100 hours

3rd to 2nd Kyu 3rd Brown to 2nd Brown - 100 hours

2nd to 1st Kyu 2nd Brown to 1st Brown

1st Kyu to 1 Dan 1st Brown to 1st Dan black belt - 100 hours

Shukokai Championships

Regional and national tournaments are held each year. Our Finnish team competes in the European championships annually and in the Word Shukokai Championships every second year.


A Gashuku is a training camp for all Shukokai students and instructors to attend. All students are encouraged to attend to train and learn from Sensei George's valuable instruction. Tournaments are often held during a gashuku.


Gradings are held once a season. The required training hours and the level of karate needed for each color belt must be achieved in order to grade to the next level. A set grading fee is paid everytime a student grades.


Registration to the club

If you would like to give karate a try or wish to register for the next basics course please click on the "Register here" button to see what basics classes are available.

If you have trained karate many years ago or have trained in a different style and wish to attend our club please do contact us. You are most welcome to join our club.