Darlene Koskinen

Tel: 050 576 3492


KFK Shukokai-Espoo

Location: Finnoonlaaksontie 7, 02270, Espoo

Opening Hours - Monday to Thursday 15:30 - 20:45, Saturday / Sunday 9:30 - 12:30/13:30

Physical Location


The new dojo (as in picture to the right) is situated behind the Gigantti in Suomanoja. Their nuotopiste (pick-up point) is close to the entrance of our building. There is a "Golf" sign on the building. Our entrance is under that.

Bus / Metro - The new dojo is just a short bus ride from the Iso Omena. Busses 134 and 136 take just 9 minutes to reach the Niittyrinne Bus Stop and it is an approximately 200m walk to reach the dojo.

Stairs: There is one flight of stairs, the dojo is on the 2nd floor.
Please note: Pushchairs can be left downstairs.

Parking: We have free parking in front of the building



Teaching Areas

200m² area with wall to wall tatami mats
90m² area with tatami

Change Rooms

We have ladies and mens change rooms, each with a toilet and showers.

Waiting Area

We have an area for parents, siblings or students to wait. There are tables and chairs and a box of toys keeps little ones busy.


We have a kitchen area with a microwave, fridge and counter. Students are welcome to heat up food and use the fridge if needed.

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